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November 16, 2020

Ahhh, the triumphant return of the nightcrawler - once again reminding me of it's extreme versatility. After limited success with the spoons and jigging raps the past few days, decided to give in and drown a few worms today. Boy did it ever pay off. Had newlyweds, Zach and Annie, in the boat this morning - the dynamic duo. After picking off a few small ones here and there, Annie began to hone her skills with a couple quality spotted bass. Little did we know, she was merely practicing for the fish that was yet to come. With about an hour left in our trip, Annie hooked up with a big fish and began a near 10 minute battle. When the dust settled, Annie had landed the BIGGEST WALLEYE of the season - a whopping 30 inch, 8 pound behemoth. Zach and I about lost our minds - Annie was none too impressed and asked, "is that a big fish?". Best of all, it was successfully released back into the lake. What a day! So glad I could give them a good start to their honeymoon week! Think it's safe to say that Zach now has a fishing partner for life!

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